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THE BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT OF THE SWEET WATERS                            

A peacock fan for the beautiful Oshun
Today is September 8, which is the Feast Day of La Caridad del Cobre.  La Caridad is Our Lady of Charity, the Patroness of Cuba.

In the early 1600s, three Cuban boys were at sea in a small boat, gathering salt.  The weather suddenly turned, and they found themselves in mortal danger, about to be overcome by a furious storm. As they prayed for their lives, a statue of the Virgin Mary, holding the Christ child in one arm and a cross in the other hand, appeared, floating on the rough seas towards them.  The storm calmed and the skies cleared: the boys were spared.

As legend has it, written on the platform or base of the statue was “Yo soy la Virgen de la Caridad”  - “I am the Virgin of Charity.”

This statue of La Caridad came to me on her Feast Day, long ago

There are many miraculous stories associated with this statue. Since 1916, La Caridad del Cobre has officially been the Patron Saint of Cuba. She is adored by Cubans everywhere, and by people around the world. Her feast day is September 8 - today!

La Caridad del Cobre is syncretized in Afro-Caribbean religions with the lovely
Orisha Oshun and with Mama Chola, the beautiful Congolese Power of the sweet fresh waters, the world's streams, creeks, and rivers.  In relation to these powers, La Caridad’s special provenance is love, beauty,wealth, and luxury. She sparkles in the fresh waters, dances sinuously in rivers and streams, and beautifully reveals herself in the rainbow mist of waterfalls. Appeal to her to bring your loved one to you, to draw to yourself new love, and to experience all that is sweet and rich in life!
Beautiful Oshun!  From my Pure Spiritual Mist label

 Hoodoo Roots beautiful, pure and fragrant
La Caridad del Cobre Spiritual Oil, Spiritual Bath, Spiritual Sachet Powders and our amazing Oshun Pure Spiritual Mist are all meticulously formulated with the intention of pleasing and honoring the lovely La Caridad del Cobre, a Roman Catholic Marian figure who is syncretized with the beautiful Orisha, Oshun.

 Anoint yellow, copper, or golden candles with Hoodoo Roots brand La Caridad del Cobre Spiritual Oil, drawing the oil up the shaft of the candle towards you. Luxuriate in a La Caridad del Cobre Spiritual Bath, surrounded by beautiful dressed candles. Offer her a gift - perhaps honey and flowers - by the riverside, with an open and appreciative heart.  Ask for your good to come to you.

Hoodoo Roots La Caridad del Cobre Traditional Spiritual Supplies are made of the finest herbs, roots, flowers, pure botanical essences and absolutes that I am able to source from harvests around the world.

Hoodoo Roots Spiritual Supplies are as pure as can be!
These beautiful LA CARIDAD DEL COBRE products contain pure, beautiful neroli from Tunisia and real, golden honey, as well as organically grown or conscientiously wildcrafted spiritually potent herbs, roots, and flowers with a specific tie to La Caridad and the beautiful Oshun.

I personally love La Caridad and Oshun, and find her to be uniquely beautiful. Both my La Caridad del Cobre formula and my Oshun Pure Spiritual Mist are made with real love for her, and with the intention of offering her the very best.  I have determined to provide the absolute unstinting best products for her devotees and those who ask for her aid.   I am confidant that you will find my formulas to be very fine, and that they will meet your spell-casting and other magical needs!

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La Caridad del Cobre is one of the Roman Catholic saints who have had an increasingly strong presence in hoodoo over the past 30 or so years.  Devotions to her, and requests for her aid, did not originate in hoodoo, but reflect the growing influence of Afro-Caribbean practices in the United States and around the world.

May you all be blessed!

Dara Anzlowar
September 8, 2013
The Feast Day of La Caridad del Cobre

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Fan image:  detail from La Grande Odalisque, 1814.  Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, French.
Oil on canvas, 36" x 63" (91 x 162 cm), (Musée du Louvre, Paris)

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