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Burning white sage with intention
A couple of posts ago, I detailed how to work with the photograph of a person to reach their spirit in order to encourage them to make contact with you.  That is a highly effective method, but what do you do if you don't have a photograph of the one you wish to influence?

Here is a wonderfully workable method which may be used when there is no photo available.  Of course, you may also opt to use this in addition to working with a photograph.  Both of these methods are effective, and distance is no barrier whatsoever.

It will, however, be much easier for you to achieve success if you are gifted for this type of mental/spiritual contact work, which is, in essence, telepathic.  Not everyone has this gift.  Additionally, people vary in their openness and sensitivity to receiving such communications.  This latter factor is further moderated by the strength and depth of the individual's connection to you.  Nevertheless, it is a very useful method which I have used many, many times through the years.  I recommend it to anyone needing an alternate route of communication.

In cases where the relationship has ruptured and where the person is very guarded against you, be aware that things may be significantly more challenging, but even in those circumstances, these techniques will help you to reach them and to succeed in making your suggestion.  Whether or not the other individual complies with your wishes may be another matter.

There are alternative ways of reaching them


Go outside, or stand by an open window or door. Hold a sprig of white sage (Salvia apiana) and speak to the spirit of the plant. Ask it to go to the person you wish to contact.  Use their name to identify them, and visualize them, and if you know where they are, mention that too. Speaking this aloud in a very soft voice is best, but your absolute focus is most important.
White sage (Salvia apiana)

You may say something like, "Spirit of Sage, go to John Doe (visualize him strongly as you say this).  Go to him, no matter where he is, no matter if he is at work, or at home, or elsewhere.  Deliver my message to him, no matter what he is doing.  Please, Spirit of Sage, carry this message to him."

Smoke can carry your prayers
Then light the sage, and hold it as it smokes, concentrating upon your message.  This should be simple and to the point:  "John, I love you.  Call me", or something similar.  The smoke will travel to where they are and will carry your message.  As it smokes, concentrate on your communication. Keep it basic and convey positive emotion.  Let the sage burn for several minutes, relighting it if necessary.  Remain focused throughout.

After the sage has burned out, repeat the entire procedure, using sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata).  I personally prefer to use an unbraided sheaf of sweetgrass, but this is not widely available commercially.  A braid is fine.  As with the sage, address the spirit of the sweetgrass plant, and ask it to travel to the one you wish to speak with, again mentioning their name and other points as you did previously.  Then light the plant, and concentrate on your message.  The sweetgrass may need to be re-lit.  Be prepared with matches.  You may blow on the glowing tips of the braid or sheaf; do so with complete and purposeful focus.  Watch the smoke travel away, carrying your intention

The fragrant smoke of a sweetgrass braid
If you are sensitive to such things, you will very shortly feel the person's mind turn to you. It usually takes from less than a minute to a few minutes for them to get the message.  Distance is no barrier.  I cannot recommend this method highly enough.


Remember that if they have a demanding career, they may not have the mental bandwidth to really focus on you while at work or otherwise intensely occupied, though you will flash through their mind.  Usually, the most effective time to do this work is when they are likely to not be at work, at home relaxing, etc.  

The contact with their spirit occurs as you perform this ritual, rather than at some later point.  Time your work accordingly.

Please remember that you are working with the subtle, spiritual properties of these plants.  Once you have burned them, you may compost any part of plant material - the tough stem of the sage, or the last tiny bit of a sweetgrass braid - which may remain.  Never throw these in the trash.  Doing so dishonors the plants, and you will run a real risk of having them refuse to work for you in this subtle way again.  Compost instead.

Wishing you all well,

Dara Anzlowar
A beautiful cool October day, with an opalescent sky overhead.

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