Saturday, July 12, 2014

THE BEAUTIFUL FULL MOON, and some protections against lightning


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Full Moons bring the highest tides.  Dream Boats,1924.
Dugald Stewart Walker
     The pearly moon is once again in it's super-moon phase, the first of three such light shows we will enjoy this summer.  This phenomena occurs when the moon orbits closest to the earth, which makes it appear to be significantly larger, brighter and more luminous than usual.  
     I especially love witnessing the full moon over the sea, which seems to rise to meet the moon with a bloom of silvery phosphorescence.  Of course, all tides are at their highest during the full moon as well.  Today's full moon occurs precisely at 20 degrees, 3 minutes of Capricorn, exactly opposite the sun in Cancer. 

Moon and Stars.   Alphonse Mucha, 1902
     Native American names for this month's full moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac, are The Full Buck Moon (as the deer begin to grow their velvety antlers now) and the Thunder Moon, a nod to July's frequent celestial ninepins, rolling about in the heavens.  

    Here on the coast of beautiful California, I don't believe I've ever heard thunder.  I rather miss it!  Our rainstorms blow in from the sea during the winter months, and all that pours down the rest of the year is sunshine! 

   I grew up on the East coast, where water simply pours down from the sky.  Both at home and while spending lazy weeks at my family's summer house, the thunderstorms would spin and roll about the hills and our ancient, glacial lake,  delivering bone-rattling, ear-splitting booms when directly above us, threatening the tall trees, and sending all of our animals cowering under the beds.  We would count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder, measuring our distance from the heart of the storm, and wait it out until the violence moved off, leaving us with a night of peaceful, soft rain.


  The designs above are Slavic thunder marks, or "Gromoviti znaci".  These are carved upon the roofs of homes to ward off lightning.   They are believed to be the symbols or signatures of Perun, the Slavic God of Thunder.

Sator Square found in Oppede, Luberon, France

     Similarly, the famous Sator Square has been utilized by many peoples since ancient times to protect them from fire, including those caused by lightning strikes.  According to many, the Square (often carved in clay) should be placed in the very highest part of the home for this purpose.  However, the Sator Square has also been found buried under the floors and on the walls of churches, abbeys, and other historic buildings and sites; it's protection seems very well-rounded, and clearly has been highly valued.

     The Sator Square is mentioned twice in John George Hohman's POW-WOWS:  Or, the Long-Lost Friend, A Collection of Mysterious Arts and Remedies for Man as Well as Animals.  

     I believe that this marvelous little booklet has been in print continuously since it was first published in Berks County, PA, in 1819.   In this volume, the Sator Square is employed against fire.

To Extinguish Fire Without Water

Write the following words (seen on right) on each side of a plate, and throw it into the fire, and it will be extinguished fortwith.

This method can be used not just against a home or wild fire,  but also against fevers.

L'Yerres, Effect de Pluie.  (The Yerres River, Effect of Rain). Gustav Caillebotte, 1875.

When I visit the East coast now, I am stunned by the vivid, lush, plump, well-watered greenness of that world.  Here in California, the hills are as dusty and golden as a pride of lions, lazing in the sun.  While this is always true in the summer months, California is in the midst of an epic and historic drought, with 100% of the state now experiencing drought conditions ranging from severe through exceptional, the highest level of water scarcity, according to the United States Drought Monitor.  Our drought conditions are currently the most extreme and widespread of all 50 states.  Think watery thoughts for us, please, and visualize rain, waterfalls, and rivers!

Spellwork and the Moon

Throwing the Wanga

      Hoodoo as a magical system does not absolutely insist that workers observe lunar timing, however, my experience has been that performing a spell for growth or increase during the waxing moon bestows a little tail-wind in the direction you wish.  

     This applies most to when the spell is begun.  For instance, if you have a particular objective which involves increase or the attraction of some condition, person, or situation, beginning that work during the waxing moon is in your best interest.  You may have a spell which requires daily work for weeks or even months, one which will be attended to during the new, waxing, full, and waning moons.  Don't ever worry about the effect of these various phases on your continued work.  Just time the beginning of your efforts so that you start when the moon is waxing, preferably in the first quarter, and you will catch that subtle tail-wind and ride it through to the completion of your spell.

Diana as Personification of the Night.  A.R. Mengs, 1785

  However, if you are in a situation which requires an immediate magical response, go for it.  The important thing is to work when necessary, and the boost that lunar timing gives you, while helpful, is not critical.  Timely handling of your needs is wiser than waiting until everything is just right with the moon.  As observed in an earlier post, you can always elect to begin working for increase when both hands of the clock are moving upwards if your intent is to grow or attract, regardless of the phase of the moon.  Vice-versa also applies:  work for decrease or diminution during the waning moon, or when both hands of the clock are moving downward, regardless of moon phase.


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Happy Howling, my friends!  Enjoy the full moon!

Dara Anzlowar

July 12, 2014  - Full Moon in Capricorn 

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