Saturday, July 28, 2012

Encouraging Another to Make Contact: Working with Their Photo



Open up and let me in!
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Have you lost contact with a friend or loved one?  Would you truly love to hear their voice and learn how they are?  Are you already in contact, but really wish they would open up and let you in?

Are you willing to do a little work to have this occur?

Over the next several posts, I will detail a few methods which I have used successfully.
These techniques are very workable.  Distance is no barrier.  It will, however, be much easier for you to achieve success if you are gifted for this type of mental and spiritual contact work.

In cases where the relationship has ruptured, or where the person is very guarded against you, things may be significantly more challenging.  Nevertheless, we have had good results with these techniques, even in those circumstances.

Talk to Me helps you reach them!
First, we'll begin with reaching another person's spirit through their photo. 
When I was little, I remember learning that certain (usually indigenous) cultures refused to allow themselves to be photographed, because they believed that  photos would trap or take part of their spirits.  At the time, I felt, as did all of my classmates, that that was very backward, very superstitious and foolish.  Now that I am older, I realize that they had a very good point!  I don't advise always avoiding having photos taken, because it's lovely to have images of those you love, and of your own moments in time. Just be aware that there is a link.


If you have a photo of the other person, hold it and speak to them at night, when they are likely to be either relaxing or asleep.  Call them to you by name.   You may have to call their name several times before you feel an inkling that they are present.  Tell them that they  are drawn to you, that they miss you, and that they would like to hear your voice.  Speak sweetly and be warmly encouraging, as if you were their own positive inner voice.  Keep your message simple.

Reach their spirit via their photo
You will see a subtle yet distinct change in their photograph:  they may smile, frown, or sigh; their eyes may sparkle or in some other way appear animated.   Keep your message light and sweet.  At this point you have definitely reached, and are in communication with, their spirit.  Watch their photograph closely.  Pay attention to any changes in their expression.  Any hint of worry or alarm means that you have made a mistake in your communications.

Sometimes people will accept one thing you say to them using this method, but resist another.  Avoid these areas of resistance if your goal is to have them reach out to you.  If their expression has been sweet and becomes alarmed, immediately back off.  You've said something or pushed some point which is unacceptable to them.  If you continue pushing this way, you may just encounter more resistance.  If you want them to contact you, keep the vibe pleasurable for them.

This technique is workable on it’s own, but is especially effective when combined with candle-burning.

Talk to Me magical techniques work!
Remember that soft yellow candles can help to foster communication, pink candles foster affection, kindliness, friendship and love, pale blue candles bring peace.  White candles are always appropriate.  I counsel against using other colors for this work, if your purpose is to encourage positive communication.  Sprinkling a little sugar into the molten wax pool of your burning candle as you speak with them will help them to feel positively about you; sprinkling deer’s tongue herb (Liatris odoratissima) into your candle will also encourage them to give voice to their feelings.

I have done so much of this type of work that I understand what works in this regard, so I created and introduced to the Hoodoo market a unique formula which I have named "Talk to Me".  This formula includes Liatris, as well as other herbs, roots, and essences which work synergistically to encourage communication. Give it a try!

Do this work on a nightly basis, keeping things very positive, until you hear from them.  If there are no major blocks, it is likely they will act on your promptings and reach out. However, it is very important for you to be realistic.  Realize that some relationships are not apt to renew, due to firm decisions on their part, or due to their changed circumstances.  But be confident that  they will think of you, and if it is possible for them to do so, they will make contact.

Talk to Me spiritual contact work may result in a letter!
If you do this work in the hopes of reconciling with a lover from your past, please be especially realistic, for your own sake.  If they have remarried or otherwise formed another relationship, you may very well be unable to entice them to make contact - and if they do, there isn't any guarantee that they will abandon their new life for you.  Nevertheless, if you have talent for this type of technique, they will think of you, perhaps very intensely.  They may even obsess about you. If you are a sensitive, you will feel their focus strongly.  But sometimes this is all they will do if they are committed elsewhere.  Be good to yourself.  Do the work.  It may work out perfectly for you, with all that you longed for coming to be.  Just don't make yourself miserable by hanging on for too long if all signs point to it being time to move on.  In time, I will write extensively about reconciliation work, but here I am concentrating upon just this technique.

Try Hoodoo Roots Talk to Me Spiritual Supplies!
As you work with them, their photograph may take on different expressions, and some of these may not be positive.  Understand that these expressions mirror their feelings about you, and about the prospect of being in touch with you.  In doing work for others, I have seen all kinds of reactions in photographs, ranging from love, joy, affection, curiosity, lust, worry, fatigue, arrogance, tension, fear...the list goes on!

If the expression in their photo is consistently tight and negative, you may need to try a different approach, or augment this method with one of our other suggestions.  If their expression is prideful, self-satisfied, boastful and arrogant, you may wish to reconsider whether that person's inner nature is really decent enough to work so hard to connect with.  Be realistic about your own romanticism, as well.  Love may be blind, but it's better if you see clearly when attempting to do magical work.

Many relationships can be assisted by this technique.  You may be in contact with the individual, but wish them to be more forthcoming, to open up to you more.  This is one way to help them to do so.  Be sure to use Talk To Me Traditional Spiritual Supplies to give yourself the best chance of success!

You will soon know if you are gifted for this type of work.  Stay upbeat and focused, and communicate positively.  You will get the most response if you are kind and happy in your communications.  Keep it up on a nightly basis!  They will think of you, and if they are able to, they really will make contact.  Good luck to you!

Dara Anzlowar                                                                     
A beautiful breezy July Saturday

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Henry Ossawa Tanner - A remarkable artist

Henry Ossawa Tanner, Paris, 1907
It is probably impossible to choose one's absolute favorite artist, writer, or musician.  So much stunningly creative work lies before us from which to choose; each painting, novel, or song creating a world and vision so unique and beautiful that the mind demurs when asked to definitively prioritize.

That being said, I have favorites, people whose creative power is such that I am awestruck and smitten to the core.  Henry Ossawa Tanner's work does this to me:  it is beauty of the very first order, transcending time and place.

Henry Ossawa Tanner was born on June 21, 1859 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, the first of nine children born to Sarah Elizabeth Miller Tanner and Benjamin Tucker Tanner.

Henry Ossawa Tanner - Thomas Eakins, 1897

Henry's mother had been born into slavery, escaping to freedom through the Underground Railroad, and later working as a teacher.  His father was an editor, author, and Bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Both parents were well educated, and the Tanner home was religious and prosperous.

Both parents were also strong supporters of civil rights.  In fact, Tanner's middle name "Ossawa" alluded to the nickname the fierce abolitionist John Brown earned for defending the free soil of Osawatomie, Kansas against pro-slavery forces.

When Tanner was thirteen, the family
relocated to Philadelphia.  By this point,
Henry was already avidly drawn to artistic expression.  A few years later, the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition wowed the country.

Portrait of the artist's father, 1897

The Centennial art exhibits were housed in the newly-built beaux arts Memorial Hall. There, Tanner was exposed to the artistic visions of many different people and lands.  The paintings, sculptures, drawings and other creative displays deeply intensified Tanner's determination to be an artist.

Bishop Benjamin Tucker Tanner (see his portrait, left, painted by Henry Ossawa Tanner in 1897) was not impressed with his son's goals, however, and hoped that Henry would follow his footsteps into a religious vocation.

In an effort to dissuade his son from pursuing what he regarded as an inappropriate career and in the hopes of instilling in him an appreciation for "real work", Bishop Tanner got Henry an apprenticeship at a local flour mill.  This attempt back-fired, however.  Henry's delicate health suffered as a result of the hard physical labor.  It became clear to all, including his father, that Henry's career would have to be less physically demanding.
Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City, 1885

The Tanners spent time along the coast of New Jersey now and then, to escape the summer heat in Philadelphia.  There, Henry painted Sand Dunes at Sunset, shown right.  In 1995, this was the first painting by an African-American artist to be  acquired by the White House.

Henry Ossawa Tanner enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1880, backed by his father, albeit reluctantly.  There, he studied under Thomas Eakins (1884-1916).   See the marvelous Portrait of Henry Ossawa Tanner by Eakins, above right.

Portrait of the artist's Mother, oil on canvas, H.O. Tanner, 1897

Eakins influenced Tanner's developing style, as well as deepening his determination to devote his life to art.   The influence of Eakins is visible in many of Tanner's paintings. However, despite Tanner's passionate talent, and despite the support of his good friend Eakins, Tanner left the academy before graduating.

Henry moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1888.  He opened a small photography gallery, and explored photography himself.  He also taught drawing classes at Clark College, a new school with an African-American student body.

However, despite his best efforts, Tanner struggled financially, and was barely able to support himself.  During this time, however, he gained the admiration and support of Bishop and Mrs. Joseph Crane Hartzel, who became his patrons.

That summer, Tanner was able to sell his little business, and moved to Highlands, North Carolina, a town in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The sweeping vistas and the local residents, especially those of African descent, provided creative inspiration for Tanner's photography and for later paintings, while the clear mountain air improved his health.

The Banjo Lesson, H.O. Tanner, 1893
In 1890, Tanner held an exhibition in Cincinnati, arranged with the help of his friend and mentor, Joseph Hartzel.  Hartzel ended up purchasing Tanner's entire exhibition, providing Henry with the means to travel and to further his artistic education abroad, long a dream.

After traveling through Europe, Henry made his way to France.  Beautiful Paris, with it's liberal, artistic nature and cosmopolitan air must have felt wonderfully freeing to Tanner.  He settled there, and began studying with Benjamin Constant (1845-1902) and Jean-Paul Laurens (1838-1921), both well respected painters, at the Académie Julien.

Henry worked hard, perfecting the equivalent of scales on a piano, duplicating classical painting techniques and rendering many figure studies.  His own personal style and techniques continued to develop.

In 1893, suffering from ill health (this time, recuperating from thyphoid fever),  Henry returned to the United States for a visit.  There, he delivered a paper on black artists at the Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World's Fair.

While in the United States, he completed The Banjo Lesson, which caused a stir, and which has remained one of his best-known works.  The Thankful Poor was completed in 1894.  These paintings depicted black people in a deep, emotional, and spiritual light. 

The Thankful Poor, Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1894.  A stunning and deeply emotional painting.
Tanner returned to France, and except for brief visits, did not live in the United States again.  He felt freer in Europe, able to be acknowledged as a man and an artist, rather than being instantly and narrowly defined by his complexion (which was, incidentally, very fair; both parents had white as well as black ancestry).  In France, Tanner felt he could breathe, work, and be judged on his merits, without the relentless burden of racism he encountered in his home country.

Daniel in the Lion's Den, oil on canvas, Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1907-1918
Tanner was deeply influenced by his religious upbringing.  Biblical themes began to dominate his work.  His sensitive, expressive, luminous paintings attracted Rodman Wanamaker, the Philadelphia department store magnate.  Wanamaker's patronage enabled Henry to travel to the Holy Land, an inspirational trip.

Portrait of the Artist's Wife, H.O. Tanner
Henry met Jessie Macauley Olssen, a Swedish-American opera singer from San Francisco, in 1898.  They married the following year in London, then made Paris their home.  In 1903, the couple was blessed with a son, Jesse Ossawa.

In 1908, American Art Galleries in New York exhibited a solo show of Tanner's religious paintings.
When the First World War erupted, Tanner joined the American Red Cross, serving in France.  For this humanitarian work, and in recognition of his international fame as an artist, the government of France awarded Henry the prestigious Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

In 1927, Tanner was inducted as a full member in the National Academy of Design, the first African American to be so honored.
The Annunciation, Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1898.  This is one of my very favorite paintings of all time.  The fierce, luminous, burning angel, and the deep humility of young Mary, could only have been painted by someone with a deep, direct, and very personal experience of spiritual mystery. It is, simply, extraordinary. 

Henry Ossawa Tanner died at home in Paris on May 25, 1937, having fulfilled his promise to "preach with his brush".  In 1969, a major solo exhibition of his work was exhibited by the Smithsonian.  Tanner's fame continues to grow, and his deep spirituality and mastery of technique continue to influence new generations.

Thanks again to my kind readers!

All the best,

Dara Anzlowar
A beautiful Sunday in mid-July

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Peace Between Us


In the Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Southern-Style Conjure Tradition


Peace Between Us
Has a relationship disintegrated into discord?
Have friends been short-tempered or cold towards one another?  Has a family conflict dredged up old animosities and disagreements?  Have folks who once got along been sniping and quarreling?

Would you like to change this situation for the better?

This Peace Between Us Magic Lamp spell can help to improve and ameliorate difficult and contentious relations.  It can help to heal bruised feelings and soothe ruffled feathers.  It can be worked for as long as is necessary.

This spell is best initiated on a Sunday.  However, hoodoo is nothing if not practical!  If you find yourself in need of this work, you may perform it when needed, even if you do not have the luxury of waiting for the best day.

Doves are symbols of peace

Remember too that it is always to your advantage to work when trouble is relatively new, rather than waiting until problems have magnified and become entrenched.  Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Focus your mind.  Magic begins when you first decide to do this work, and accelerates as you gather the materials and proceed.  Turn off your phone and eliminate any other distractions.  It is always best to work when you will not be disturbed.  Time your work so that you will not be interrupted.  This is necessary
if you are to fully enter the liminal mind-set where the best work is done.

For this spell, you will need the following ingredients:

·        Sugar

·        Holy Water

Olive carries the vibration of peace
·        Basil – dried herb

·        Skullcap – dried herb                        

·        Willow bark or leaves

·        Rose petals (pink or white are best)

·        Olive leaves

·        One bottle of Hoodoo Roots brand
    PEACE BETWEEN US Spiritual Oil
    or THICKER THAN WATER Spiritual Oil

·      Prepare a separate name-paper for each
   person involved in the conflict or trouble.

A basic way to write a name-paper follows.  Using a piece of brown paper bag is a tradition - I take these from light-weight lunch bags.  However, this is not a necessity, and you may use other paper if you wish.  Cut or neatly tear the paper into a square or rectangular shape.

On this paper, write the person's name three times in a column, as shown in this image:

Next, give the paper a quarter-turn.  You're going to write your intention or command for the person directly on top of their name, again in a column.  Find a phrase which is very succinct and which conveys precisely what you wish them to do.  In general, it is best to think for a while about the phrase you will use.  Words have power.  When I think of the right phrase, it has a "buzz" or vibration which is evident.  That lets me know that it's the best phrase to use.  You may find the same thing to be true as you decide which phrase to use.

Write your phrase two times more than the number of times you wrote their name.  In this instance, you wrote their name three times, which means writing the command five times.  I suggest using the phrase "Peace Kindness Respect".  Here is how your paper will look after you complete this step:

I feel it is important to completely cover their names when you write your intention.  By completely covering their name with your intent, your intention has a dominant force.  Writing your intention twice more than their name increases this even more.  Do not look at this as going against someone's will.  You are helping people to control themselves, and you are helping to manage a situation for the good of everyone involved.

There is some variation in how to prepare name-papers.  You won't necessarily always write the name three times, and you won't necessarily always write the command twice more than the name, but this is pretty basic hoodoo, and this method will serve you well for this and for many spells.  Make one of these papers for every individual you are trying to help.

We are here to love one another!  Give this a try!
Stir all of the herbs together and place them on a white or pale blue plate.  Sprinkle lightly with holy water as you pray for peace, tolerance, and mutual respect to reign.  Allow the herbs to dry.

I always recommend growing, wild-crafting, or purchasing organically grown herbs.  Pesticides should have no place in your spiritual supplies or endeavors! 

Dress the name-papers with Hoodoo Roots brand PEACE BETWEEN US Spiritual Oil.  If the conflict is between family members, our THICKER THAN WATER is the best formula to use.  As always, you may combine our formulas to customize their effect.

A cool head & a kind heart wins!
Rub each name with our PEACE BETWEEN US Oil or with THICKER THAN WATER Oil, concentrating upon needed change as you do so.  Sprinkle each name-paper with sugar, then fold it towards you.

Sprinkle sugar in the bottom of the lamp reservoir.  Scatter half of the herbs on top of the sugar, then lay the name-papers on the herbs.  Lightly sprinkle a little more sugar on top of the papers, and scatter the other half of the herbs on top.  You do not need a large quantity of herbs.  A teaspoon or two will be sufficient.

Thicker Than Water

Add several drops of PEACE BETWEEN US Spiritual Oil or THICKER THAN WATER, along with drops of whatever other of our Peace and Blessing Oils you may wish to include.

Fill the reservoir to within about 1/2” of the top.  Trim your wick, and burn at a moderate flame.  Pray PSALM IV and PSALM 23 as you work this lamp on a daily basis, at approximately the same time (at least; though you may work with it more than once a day) until conditions improve.

What does it mean to "work this lamp"?
Sit with it when you are not going to be interrupted.  Focus on peace.  Put your attention on each individual involved.  Call their name, and speak words of peace to them.  It often helps matters if you communicate to them that they are well loved, and secure.  Tell them that their behavior now reflects this.  Tell them that the conflict with whomever the other individual or individuals are is now resolving with mutual kindness and respect.  You are directly communicating with their minds and spirits.  Stay very focused.

You may place your hands around the lamp, or gently and smoothly turn it in a clockwise direction.  You may choose to slightly rock the lamp with gentleness and care as you declare the situation soothed and healed.

Throughout this process, call upon the blessing and healing power of the Holy Spirit to intervene in the conflict.  See the disagreements as being over.  See everyone getting along.  See love and respect being re-established.

Make new friends, but keep the old!  One is silver, and the other, gold!
Remember that just preparing a lamp and letting it burn without further attention may be insufficient if you wish to bring about change.  For success, actively work with the lamp until the parties have made their peace.

If you yourself are involved in the conflict, make sure that your own behavior is respectful and courteous.  Resist the temptation to be snarky.  Do your best to deal kindly with others.  Remember that every one of us needs tolerance and compassion.  This does not, incidentally, mean that you should enable bad behavior or that you should be a doormat.  There are other options between warfare and being a doormat!  Take the high road.  Disengage from hostilities yourself.  Lead the way.  Work the lamp!

Wishing you all peaceful, happy relations,

Dara Anzlowar

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Working with Magical Oil Lamps 
in the Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Southern-Style Conjure Tradition

 "The fire must be kept going on the altar continuously; it must not go out."  
- Leviticus 6:13  

Boy Lighting a Candle, El Greco, 1570-72
Candles and lamps, fire and flame, have long been a part of religious and magical rituals; fire, likely,since the dawn of time.  Fire is hot, hungry, immediate and forceful, yet simultaneously otherworldly and transcendent.

Fire is alive - it moves, it breathes, it eats - yet is intensely Other than human.  It may even seem, at times, to be conscious.  It can be gentle and warming or all-consuming and profoundly destructive.  It lights the deepest night, and always demands respect. 
Fire has another quality as well:  it transcends the physical in a way few things do.  Light a lamp for the saints; they will receive it.  Light a candle for your ancestors, and be confident that they will see it.  In fact, do so regularly, for we all need the blessings of our forerunners, and they benefit by our attention as well.
Burning candles can help you to manifest your prayers

We do not fully understand the mechanism by which flame (and that which accompanies it, such as candle color and candle or lamp additives) can cross the boundaries of the physical world into the spiritual world, and yet it does.  This has always been recognized by religious, spiritual, and magical workers and initiates around the world. 

Candle devotions, lamp spells, and candle magic are a deep tradition in New Orleans-style hoodoo and spiritual work.  You will find very few places with a more developed understanding of, and appreciation for, these profoundly effective types of magic.

Working With Magic Lamps

An oil lamp throws a lovely light
Oil lamps preceded candles perhaps by thousands of years, and today are still a wonderful way of magically working with fire.  The advantage to oil lamps is that they are a relatively safe method of keeping fire burning continuously over a long period of time.  As with all fire, however, care must be taken.  Never leave an open flame unattended.  

Oil lamps are also marvelously customizable.  Appropriate roots and herbs may be added to the reservoir of the lamp, along with minerals like small lodestones and glittery chunks of pyrite and perhaps other unique items you may wish to personalize your lamp with.
Any one of our oils - whether you refer to them as condition oils, conjure oils, spiritual oils, magical oils, hoodoo oils, dressing or anointing oils - can be added to the reservoir as well.

We suggest adding several drops of whichever condition oil best fits your needs to the olive or lamp oil in the reservoir.  Feel free to mix formulas to create a custom blend.

Meditating on an oil lamp's glow
I sincerely suggest that you limit your oil choices to those which are completely natural.  The Hoodoo Roots product line is committed to using only 100% natural aromatics.  We use no synthetic fragrance oils or aroma-chemicals whatsoever, an extremely rare commitment in the spiritual supplies field.

Be certain that any other products you may wish to use are pure and natural as well.  Remember always that synthetic aroma chemicals offer absolutely no aroma-therapeutic benefit, are completely void of botanical magic, and may be harsh and unpleasant when burned.  Additionally, some common additives, like Diethyl phthalate (DEP), produce toxic gases when burned.  There is wisdom in staying true to nature:  do so, and you and your natural magic will benefit.

Name and petition papers may be prepared, dressed, ritually folded, and pinned to the wick of your oil lamp.  These are simple to make, and can involve as little as writing the person's name.  A person's name is always intimately linked to their spirit, and a connection may be made to their spirit through the name.  Thus, there is a pathway for healing or influence from a distance, even if the individual is completely unaware of this work.  Personal items such as hair may be folded into the petition paper, or left to mingle with the herbs and spiritual oils you have placed into the lamp.
Further, as in candle burning, there is no situation which cannot be addressed with a magical oil lamp.  If you have never worked with lamps, give them a try.  I have found them to be a beautiful and long-lasting way to help to manifest needs, plans, and prayers for myself and for others.  I recommend them to you!
Detail, Mary Magdelene with a night-light
Georges de la Tour, 1635
Magical oil lamps may be easily made at home out of mason jars or other fireproof containers like ceramic crocks and wine bottles. I advise using containers with somewhat weighted bottoms.  This is a safety precaution, as it makes tipping less likely.  Oil lamps and oil lamp accessories of all sorts may also be easily found for purchase.

Olive oil has been used in oil lamps since antiquity.  Some folks have trouble with olive oil giving a smoky burn.  If you wish to use olive oil, I suggest that you purchase an inedible form of olive oil called lampante.  Thinner than higher quality, edible olive oil, lampante is sold specifically for burning in lamps.  Because of the high flash point of olive oil, the wicks of these lamps may require higher heat than you expect to get going. A lighter should help.

May your purse be full!
Lamp oil or liquid paraffin are other common options many choose.  As long as your wick is kept well trimmed (and it is always important to keep your wick well trimmed), you should have minimal trouble with smoking or soot when using products of this sort.  Liquid paraffin is derived from the petroleum industry.  Lamp oil is a purified, odorless kerosene product which is also available in scented varieties.  Always be informed and aware of your ingredients and any potential impact on your health and well-being.

Some people also use straight kerosene in their lamps.  Kerosene, however, burns with a noticeable odor which some find objectionable, and emits chemicals which are not healthy.  At one time, whale oil was burned in lamps, as well.

Over the next few days I will add a few spells using magical lamps.  Let's start with this useful Money Drawing ritual!

A Money-Drawing Double Root Oil Lamp Spell

Gather together:

  •   One Stick of Cinnamon (for financial gain)
  •   Sassafras root, chips, or shavings (for financial gain)
  •   A ginseng rootlet or root threads (for your success)
  •   Wild cherry bark (for a fruitful life and material ease)
  •   A lodestone, or tiny lodestone pieces
  •   Pyrite - a nice chunk, or small glittery pieces
  •   One penny & one nickel
  •   One Silver dime & one quarter
  •   A few drops of honey
  • Your name-paper and any other personal items (hair, etc.)
Oil lamps come in many different shapes

Rub your name-paper with honey (for
the sweet life) and with Hoodoo Roots
brand MONEY DRAWING Oil.  Add a few strands of your hair as you fold this paper towards you.  Pin your
name-paper to the end of the wick.

Add the other ingredients to the lamp
reservoir, including several drops of
MONEY DRAWING Oil.  Hoodoo Roots brand WEALTHY WAY, PROSPERITY, and MONEY HOUSE BLESSING Oils are all good additions.  Please visit here as well, to view more fine products!

Tip:  If you add our MONEY HOUSE BLESSING to this lamp, add a few grains of rice in as well, to ensure steady food in your home.
You may also choose to add in some of our EASY LIFE formula, which can help
you to experience more ease and relaxation - very valuable qualities!

May golden riches come to you!

Add lamp oil to fill the reservoir to within about 1/2” from the top.  Burn this
lamp while you pray for financial increase.

Keep upbeat and avoid anxiety as
you work with this lamp.

Remember that your Father in Heaven loves you and that you are His child, capable and blessed!  Have confidence!

As you work, visualize very emotionally and viscerally just how great it will feel to have the funds you need.  Do not shortchange yourself by rushing through your work.  The quality of your attention is important.  Be fully present.

Do not limit yourself by saying that it must or must not come into your life in any specific way.  Let the lamp work for you!

The 23rd Psalm is calming and empowering, and we especially recommend it’s use with this lamp.
I recommend this fine formula!

As always, start with a clean lamp.  Keep your wick well trimmed and keep a watch on your flame, adjusting it to avoid smoking and excessive soot build-up.

Remember that you cannot just prepare a lamp or candle and expect that to be it.  Work  with this lamp on a daily and/or nightly basis until your prayers have been answered.
As you do this work, stay positive and expectant, patient and watchful.

Respond to opportunities which arise and actively pursue your greater financial good.  If you do not act upon opportunities, or do not do everything you can to initiate new blessings, you will not reap your greatest good regardless of how many lamps you burn.

Do your best, do the right thing, and act with faith. Stay in right relationship to others.  You will receive your blessings!

Remember that you enter a different "time zone" with magical activity, and are actively working between the worlds.  Do not second-guess yourself or the work, for everything you feel and think while a work is in progress has impact.

Keep your prayers and your faith strong.  Find joy in your daily life,
and go for your dreams!
We wish you good luck!

Wishing you all every good thing,

Dara Anzlowar
Sunny Sunday in July

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Roses of Love

Baronne Prévost hobnobs with the geraniums
I'm a shameless rose lover.   
I admit it!  My garden is full of these beauties, many of which are blooming now, nodding their pretty heads in the winds that blow down from the mountain passes.  The fine Gallicas, lovely old Damasks, perfumed, heady Bourbons,  Floribundas, Polyanthas and others, are all as fragrant and lovely as can be.
Can you tell I’m an antique rose aficionado?  These hardy flowers flourish in my garden with an absolute minimum of fuss.    

I minimally prune and never spray, yet they bloom their beautiful scented hearts out for me year after year, some of them virtually all year long  (yes, I live in USDA zone: Paradise). 

Roses with bird, mural detail, 1st Century, Pompeii
Their 19th century, aristocratic names also charm me to pieces.  I can easily imagine a liveried head butler standing in my garden, announcing each member of the party with a suitably royal flourish:  Excellenz von Schubert!  Mrs. R.M. Finch!   Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels!  Archduke Charles!  Baronne Prévost!  Honestly, I’d love them for their names alone.

Here is my favorite source for old garden roses.  I have always been thrilled with the quality of the Antique Rose Emporium's offerings!  They ship in large,
2-gallon containers, and every rose I've
ever received from them has arrived in vigorous good health.

Redouté's Rosa centifolia foliacea

I also love their wilder sisters.  Wild roses make
their home in a wide range of habitats, from pond-side (where the red-wing blackbirds love to sing) and swamp to very dry terrains.  Wild roses are simple flowers, usually 5-petaled. Their brambly thickets provide safe perches and virtually impenetrable shelter for many small birds and animals, and their colorful hips provide food for woodland dwellers during the winter.

Cemetery roses are especially poignant; they all have stories to tell.  These beauties were planted with love, and often in loss and sorrow, for the ongoing remembrance of dear ones who had passed.  Seen today, it is somewhat haunting to realize that many were planted by people long since gone themselves - yet the roses bloom on, paying fragrant tribute to the dead.
Cultivated roses have a long and venerable history.  Sumerian records, written some 3000 years ago, describe garden roses.  China, the Middle East, India and Europe all offer ancient records detailing rose horticulture and trade.  

Mrs. R.M. Finch in all her showgirl finery
The oldest of the cultivated garden roses is Rosa gallica officinalis, the Apothecary Rose.  In the West, this rose was carefully tended in monastery and convent gardens, and carried to the New World.  It has always been prized not just for it’s beauty, but for it’s gentle medicine, as well.

Roses bring joy, kindness, and peace.  They lighten strain and depression, heal broken hearts, and soothe pain. They enhance beauty in all ways, and help to awaken the heart!  They intoxicate with their perfume, and are universally recognized as signifying romantic love.

Roses were held sacred to Aphrodite and to Venus.  The beautiful Erzulie Freda loves roses as well.  Additionally, they are deeply linked to the Virgin Mary, hence the rosary!  Astrologers believe they are governed by the planet Venus.  In every way, roses are truly flowers of the heart!

Here at Hoodoo Roots, I carefully dry the beautiful rose petals from my garden for use in my Spiritual Supplies.  The deep fragrant pinks, dreamy pale apricots, pure ethereal whites, cheerful yellows, pale ballet-pinks and ivories, and deep, emotional ruby red petals all have their personality and purpose.  Many of my Love and Sex formulas are made with these petals, as are many of the formulas in the Blessings and Spiritual Help, Healing, Family and Children, and Relationships Categories.

Bring flowers, including roses, to those who are ill, for their spirits will be lifted and thus their recovery strengthened.  Roses in the home grace and bless it’s inhabitants.  And what woman isn’t wowed by a bouquet of gorgeous roses?  You simply can’t go wrong!

The deliriously fragrant Madam Isaac Periere

Have you ever had Rose Jam?

This is a delightful treat, incorporating the beauty and fragrance of roses with sugary sweetness.  It is easy to make, too.  The important thing is to source your fresh roses very carefully – never, ever use roses which have been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals, and do not harvest roses which grow close to roads or which may be affected by agricultural chemicals in runoff water. 

I favor those roses with a deep fragrance (Rosa damascena, or many of the Bourbons, for instance), for this adds to the delight of this magical concoction.  Roses all have a different scent – some are fresh and lemony, with a tea-note; others may have a raspberry scent, or smell faintly of apples; some are shy and sweetly tender; others lush and intoxicating.   

An old American Beauty blooming in the garden

Pick the roses on a sunny morning after the dew has lifted, but before the sun has become too intense.  If you wait too long, you will sacrifice fragrance, for roses are richest in scent early in the day.  You can use your organic garden roses, or if you prefer, wild roses.  Their color is a factor as well – your jam will be tinted by whatever rosy hue you select.   


A Simple Recipe

Some traditional recipes are extremely simple, calling for no more than a few handfuls of fresh red rose petals and a couple of cups of sugar.   Finely grind these together in a mortar into a beautiful, fragrant paste, and enjoy!

Beautiful Rose Jam

Another recipe I like specifies using just 1 cup of petals to 2.5 cups of white granulated sugar.  Some folks first cut the white bases off of each petal, so that only satiny color remains. 

          Into a blender place:

  • 1 cup fresh fragrant rose petals,
  • ¾ cup of water,
  • the juice of one fresh lemon, strained, with seeds removed.
  • Blend well.
  • Slowly add 2.5 cups of sugar, a bit at a time, until thoroughly mixed.
  • Separately, place another ¾ cup of water in a pot.
  • And add one box of pectin (I have used Kraft's Sure Jell).

  • Bring to a full rolling boil.  Boil at that level for one minute.
  • Pour pectin liquid into your blender (where your rose concoction still is)
  • Blend very well.  If you wish, you may blend in a drop of pure rose otto.  Be sure you have bonafide, true rose otto - a synthetic dupe will never do.  If you aren't sure, ask yourself how much you paid for it.  True rose otto is liquid gold.  It commands a royal ransom, as befits the Queen of the Flowers!
  • Pour into small sterilized canning jars.  It fully sets up in a few hours. 
  • Once set, keep refrigerated, and consume within one month. 
  • Believe me, that will not be hard!  Serve with love to those you love!

This rose jam is so full of heart, sweetness, and pure love that it could easily be incorporated into healing or love spells.  If you think on this strongly while preparing your jam, you will truly have an enchanted condiment.

An inventive conjurer could go very far with this!  Mind the chemistry of the pectin jelling, but feel free to incorporate a very tiny trace of the one you love, or of yourself.  Sing a song under your breath to the jam as you prepare it, or simply state clearly what it's purpose is.   Pour into it your intense focus and desire.  Or not!  It is delightful and magical all on it's own, pleasing and charming all tasters.  Surely this is the preferred food of the fairies!  Try it and see what happens!

Another fragrant cabbage rose gracing the garden
As always, when harvesting, you will obtain the best results if you request the permission of the plant first.  Communicate exactly what your need is.  Listen to the response.  If you feel you’ve been given a green light, go ahead!  If not, don’t push matters.  Move on.

Do not harvest without appreciation.  Do not harvest more than you need.  Never take too much from any one plant.  This is especially critical with plants which are harvested for their subtler, spiritual qualities.

Never throw used plant matter of this sort into the trash, for doing so dishonors the plant, and your future success with it may very well be compromised.  Always compost.  If you live in the city, take it with you to the park, and leave it under a bush or tree.

When harvesting, it is polite to leave some sort of offering, as well.  This may very well help with future relations with this plant, no matter where you may encounter it.  A bit of tobacco is a famous offering, but it should not be offered to members of it’s own family, the nightshades.

Wishing you rosy blessings,                           

Dara Anzlowar

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